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Why learn English?  

There are many reason why you should consider learnign English these are a few:

1.  English is widely spoken. This is perhaps the biggest factor you should consider.. Statistics tell us that one in five people in the world can speak, or at least understand, English. It’s the language of choice for tourist around the world.

2. The English language is also the choice of the business world. Having English language skills increases your chances of getting a better job.

3. It is not that hard to learn. English grammar is easier compared to other European languages. 


Our course is a set of three lessons.
1) Lesson one, introduction on how to ask for names of people, things and places. It is a 2hr class.

2.) Lesson two, introduction on how to ask for directions to go around town. It is a 2 hr class.

3) Lesson three, introduction on how to make reservations in general and order food in a restaurant. It is a 2 hr class. 

In this course, you may chose to meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday or once a week for three weeks. We offer basic and intermediate classes for the moment. Cost: $90 per student. 
(max of 10 students per class) Returning students and couples receive a $20 discount. This option is open Monday - Friday from 7:00 pm to 9: pm (CST) all year around except in specified days in our Terms & Conditions statement.

Please bear in mind that our services with LearnCube required access to high speed internet, a computer running windows 10, a set of headphones, and a microphone.