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Teaching at your own speed.

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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born.

In 1988, a concerned and passionate group of Spanish speaking parents, most of them mainly immigrants fleeing El Salvador's civil unrest of the late '70s and early '80s, motivated by the need to provide to their young children a source of pride and continuity for their native language, formed the beginning of our history in Saskatoon. The second Spanish school is born under the name of El Salvador and Central American Spanish School. The first school had already been organized by the Chilian community since their arrival in the mid to late seventies fleeing the atrocities of the Pinochet regime.  

The School in the mid 80's to mid 2000.

Our school taught classes all through these years. We gave our first classes out of a church's basement on Rusholme rd. The number of families who supported the idea grew and kept sending their kids to class every weekend. By the early '90s, we moved to a new site. Estey Elementary School on Whitney Avenue became our home for most of the '90s. In 1998 we moved again to a new site, this time to a High School, where we taught classes to a wider group of community members interested in learning the Spanish language. This change brought a new name for our school. This name would encompass

the school's philosophy. We chose to name it "The Latin American Spanish School of Saskatoon" and with this name we taught classes until early the new century.

The school changes its' name yet again and moves out from its physical school to begin a new chapter in virtual schools.

Early this new century, the school faced new challenges to continue supporting the community and decided to change yet again its name, its vision and methodologies. The school decided to modify the present delivery format of its services to follow changes in new technologies. The new name the school would continue to work under would be Spanish Classes in Saskatoon. It would be the first online Spanish school in the city offering online services that continues to this day.

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan